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Installing Resistor on LED Bulbs

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Installing a 100ohm resistor on a LED bulb can fix problems such as:

  • Flickering
  • Shutting off
  • Not turning on

  • These are common problems on some vehicles equipped with CANBUS systems such as German and Chrysler vehicles.

    Installation of a resistor is every easy. Resistors can be installed in any direction, there is

    no polarity on a resistor. One end will go to ground, and the other end to positive. How

    you go about it will vary on your light housing or LED mounting location. You can do it

    on the wire leading to the LED or do it right on the housing connectors.

    Example below of resistor installed on a Dome light housing:

    Example below again on light fixture housing:

    Example below if installing it on the wire leading to the light housing

    • LED
    • Resistors
    • LED Flickering
    • 100ohm resistor
    • LED Dim
    • LED Shutting off

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